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What is biological motion?

Do you know what “biological motion” is? I am considered an expert on biological motion perception but I am not entirely sure myself where to use the term and where not to use it. No question, biological motion is a … Continue reading

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Annual meeting of the Vision Science Society

It is VSS time again! This year I came here with two graduate students and two posters. Seamas Weech and Sophie Kenny both present studies relating to some recent discussions of the “facing-the-viewer bias” that we observe in biological motion … Continue reading

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What pigeons think about “direction”

If someone would present you with the display of a person stepping backwards on a treadmill and you were asked “Which way is the person going“ you might ask for more specific instructions: “The person is facing in one direction, … Continue reading

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Holiday walker

Creative coder Nicolas Barradeau just sent me the link to this Christmas calender. The walker might look familiar to you. Click on the image to start the animation. I often get requests from people interested in the BMLwalker who use … Continue reading

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Sophie Kenny

Time flies by, and with the change of seasons came new lab members. Among them is Sophie Kenny, who joined the Biomotion Laboratory in September. Having previously completed her Master’s degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland on the enactment effect … Continue reading

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