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Popular science: How we walk makes a difference

Now that the big media response has cooled down a bit a few words about a new study from our lab and the splash it has make in the public media. Michalak, J., Rohde, K., Troje, N. F. (2015) How … Continue reading

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What causes the facing-the-viewer bias?

Look at the point-light walker in the BMLwalker demo. Is the walker facing you or is it facing away from you? Most observers would see the walker facing the viewer – even though the stimulus itself does not contain any … Continue reading

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CSBBCS at Ryerson

Currently, two of our students are attending the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science at Ryerson University in Toronto. For both of them, it is their last conference while at the BioMotion Lab. Adam … Continue reading

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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Niko Troje received a Humboldt Research Award. According to the website of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation β€œThe award is granted in recognition of a researcher’s entire achievements to date to academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have … Continue reading

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The brain in action: An international graduate school

The BiomotionLab is now part of an International Graduate School which involves 12 Canadian researchers, 12 German researchers, and – most importantly – doctoral students from all contributing laboratories. Researchers and students in Canada come from York, Western, and Queen’s. … Continue reading

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