Sophie Kenny

Time flies by, and with the change of seasons came new lab members. Among them is Sophie Kenny, who joined the Biomotion Laboratory in September. Having previously completed her Master's degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland on the enactment effect (see, e.g., Engelkamp, 1998) with Dr. Ian Neath, she is now expanding the scope of her research on memory for abstract human movement sequences. As a Ph.D. student in our Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science graduate program Sophie will attempt to extend general principles of memory that were well defined in verbal memory by her former supervisors to nonverbal memory. Among her objectives is to demonstrate that memory operates according to the same rules over a broader range of information types than was previously thought to be true. She is funded through NSERC, and after having received a Julie-Payette Research Scholarship for her Master's, she has received a CGS-D3 for her Ph.D. With the expertise and the technology currently available at the Biomotion Lab she will be able to create highly controlled point-light motion stimuli and build algorithms which can accurately represent the match between the presentation of a stimulus and the performance of a participant. Doing so, she will be able to accurately reflect the quality of movement memory representation in a quantitative manner. She is looking forward to spending the next few years here with us, in Kingston.
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