Analysis and Synthesis

Direction from scrambled motion
This animation contains stimuli that demonstrate our ability to derive information about the direction from scrambled biological motion. If the stimulus is inverted performance declines to chance level. demo
WebGL Walker
3D Walker With Full 6-Degree of Freedom Motion
A demo of two things. One, that the point-light walkers can also be expanded into fully animated bodies with all the degrees of freedom required for more realistic renderings of computer graphic characters. Second, we demonstrate here the use of a new technology, WebGL, that allows Javascript to draw hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. demo
Biological motion contains information about sex, weight, emotional state and personality traits
Based on the walking patterns of 100 individual walkers, we derive axes that reflect how walking changes as a function of biological and psychological attributes. demo
Gender classification: analysis and synthesis
Analysis of sex-specific differences in walking style reveals that the dynamic part of the motion contains more information about gender than motion-mediated structural cues. demo
Men and women running
This demonstration is similar to the one above, but uses data from running 50 men and 50 women running. As above, sex specific differences can be found in body structure and in the dynamics of the movement. demo

Size and Speed

demo BMLdog
Biological motion contains information about size
This demo illustrates the stimuli used in two experiments in which observers had to estimate the perceived size of quadruped animals walking with different speeds. Results reveiled that our visual system "knows" about the gravity-mediated relation between spatial and temporal parameters. demo

Samples of virtual Pigeon

demo Virtual pigeon (movie)
Computer animation of a pigeon that is realistic enough to elicit natural courtship behaviour in a life "partner". demo
demo Real pigeon response (movie)
This movie shows how a male bird responds to the virtual pigeon. demo

Facial Animation

demo Facial motion (movie)
Sample of the stimuli used to investigate issues on viewpoint generalisation, gender discrimination and person identification from facial motion.

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