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Guess the sex

In this experiment, you’ll be shown point-light animations of humans doing various actions. Your job will be to guess whether they are male or female.

HTML5 BML Walker

BML Walker: The original

      Biological motion contains information about sex, weight, emotional state and personality traits. Based on the walking patterns of 100 individual walkers, we derive dimensions that…




      Analysis of sex-specific differences in walking style reveals that the dynamic part of the motion contains more information about gender than motion-mediated structural cues.

Size and Speed Demo

    Gravity and its Role in Biological Motion Perceptions Gravity links spatial and temporal aspects of the behaviour of objects in our visual environment. Gravity also imposes…

BML Scrambled: Direction from scrambled motion

      This interactive animation contains stimuli that demonstrate our ability to derive information about the direction from scrambled biological motion. If the stimulus is inverted performance…

BML Rating

    Derive your own attributes! This demo allows you to derive your own axis in motion space. You will be prompted to input whatever attribute you are…