Annual meeting of the Vision Science Society

It is VSS time again! This year I came here with two graduate students and two posters. Seamas Weech and Sophie Kenny both present studies relating to some recent discussions of the “facing-the-viewer bias” that we observe in biological motion perception: Even though standard point-light displays and related depictions of the human body in action do not contain any cues to the order of the elements in depth, observers seem to prefer one of the two theoretically possible percepts: The walker seems to be facing the observer rather than facing away. While this observation has been demonstrated multiple times, it is not clear why it occurs. The poster by Weech and Troje offers an explanation. Troje, Kenny and Weech explore whether linear perspective can really disambiguate depth in these displays. I am posting both posters here for you to explore.

Weech, S., Troje, N. F. (2013) Does a convexity prior explain the facing-the-viewer bias in the perception of biological motion?

Troje, N. F., Kenny, S. Weech, S. (2013) Can we perceive linear perspective in biological motion point-light dispays?